Is there a folder where the new tab backgrounds are stored and is there a very scuffed way to do it?

All the brave backgrounds you usually get I still get offline, so they’re somewhere. Is there a way to swap out the image files, rename them, maybe crop them and swap our backgrounds in a scuffed way? if yes, where is the folder where these backgrounds are stored (I’m on win10) I can’t find it in the AppData nor ProgramFiles folders.

If you don’t find them maybe is because they are stored in cache.

For example: in Flutter (a framework to code mobile apps) is something called cached_images (if i’m remembering well). So, when you load an image using this “container” it will load the image and also it will store the data as cache in the device, so if you are offline it will load from cache.

So, maybe brave uses a similar way to display those images. I really don’t think they will download them in your device as files, this to prevent copyright situations, and due to this, even if they are stored in files, probably they are codified is some encryption. For example, some websites use base64 codification to avoid showing the url where you can download the image and only give to the browser the data needed to render it.

If you want a wallpaper go to the authors website and download them manually from there, you will find even more cool photos.

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