Is it possible to run complete separate Brave instances (Not at same time)

Every once in a while I want to go on a specific tangent online - massive online shopping, a lot of file downloading, torrenting, game play, things like that. Where for example, I want specific bookmarks, specific extensions, download directories, ad blocker settings, etc - but then don’t normally.

So basically I want a “different copy” of Brave (multiple actually) - that I can load, use, stop, and everything is left behind (extensions, bookmarks, settings, etc).

Is profiles the way to do this, as completely clean as different “extensions”, settings, and everything?

Or is there another way to sandbox Brave all by it self with several different loadable versions?

MAC OS 10.15.7
Brave - up-to-date

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Hello @cswanson

yes it will load different profile then you can delete that profile later or just keep it when you need to load those stuff

each profile will have the extension that you installed on it (extension would not install it self in each profile unless you install it on each one) same thing of setting password bookmark

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


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