Is it possible to add a password and lock add-ons, or brave settings?

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As the title says, I was wondering if there’s a way to lock brave’s settings or the extensions/ add-ons so that I can’t disable them once they’ve been set. Does this feature exist? Or could there be another roundabout way to do this? Please advise. Thank you! :pray:

Hi @thehopper, Welcome to Community!
There is no way to ‘lock’ settings. However, I’ve just turned this post into a feature request (you can now vote on it).

You might be able to find something to add this functionality in the chrome web store, I was able to find something that will lock the entire browser but not specifically the settings themselves.

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Hey @Aa-ron! Thank you for the prompt response and the suggestions! Hopefully it becomes a feature :pleading_face: It would be really helpful.

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