Disabling profile creation

As the picture above suggests, how can I disable / make the ‘+add’ button vanish using brave’s settings? Yall’s help will be kindly appreciated :slight_smile: .

My brave browser’s version.

@steeven @SaltyBanana and all the other admins/community ninjas out there.
Would be thankful if you could answer my question. Thanks!

Did you get a solution?
Plz share if you did.

Yeah I did get one.

  1. Go to thebrave group policy settings page and download the .zip file (policy_templates.zip)
  2. Go to policy_templaes–>windows–>examples and open the ‘brave’ file using local group policy editor (caution, not registry editor)
  3. in the local group policy editor, you should see brave settings (if I remember) under ‘classic administrative templates’ at computer configuration.
  4. Find the relevent policies, right click and press ‘enable’ to make the policy effective.

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