Invitee to Brave Talk call hears echo of her own voice when talking

Just made my first Brave Talk call. It was easy to initiate the call, and the link I texted to my friend brought her right to the call with no problem, but she tells me that every thing she says echos back to her, which makes the conversation a little difficult. Video and audio were both fine on my end. Anybody else had this problem? My friend is on an iPhone 8 Plus. Is there maybe a microphone setting she should change? I am not familiar with iPhone, so I don’t even know what to suggest she should try.

@ArlisT Just messed around on my iPhone and don’t see how it might happen. Let me cycle around to the most common sense possibility first, just to check. Are you muting your microphone when she’s talking? Because if not, the sound is likely looping back around from your speakers, into your mic, and then back to her which would be perhaps the echo.

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That didn’t even occur to me. I’ll try that next time. Seems pretty ‘common sense’ now that you mention it, but still, you’d think it would have been mentioned in the instructions for using Brave Talk. “Oh, by the way, mute your microphone when you finish talking so the other person’s conversation won’t loop back to them while they’re talking.”

Still, I got no echo of my speech, and being her first time on Brave Talk, I doubt it occurred to her to mute her microphone when I was talking. Do you have to mute your mic when you use FaceTime?

I’ll give it a try though, and report back later if it worked.