Brave Talk Audio issue for android user


I’ve seen this mentioned here by others but have not found any info on how to resolve it.
I’m using a premium account and have hosted meetings using a Linux host and Windows host. My version of Brave is kept up to date.

During the last two meetings a couple of people were unable to access audio for the video meeting (on both Linux and Windows meetings if that makes a difference).

One was able to resolve it by logging off and then re-entering and saying yes to the first pop up by Brave asking for access to microphone. Which is somewhat counter intuitive if audio access is tied to a permission request for the microphone.

The second person tried the same thing but it did not resolve. Their device is a Samsung with the default browser. I couldn’t get any thing more technical as they are not so great with technology. It’s a Galaxy S10 if that makes a difference.

But I can possibly drag more info out of them if I know what is needed in order to resolve the issue.

Any input or tips on how to resolve would be great.


Thanks a bunch for reporting, reviewing this now.

Hi @Angels, we’ve recently released a new Brave version for Android. Can you confirm your current version?

I was using the browser on my linux system. I don’t use it on Android. The person with the audio issues was on a Samsung using their default browser.