Introducing Brave Crypto Wallets

I was prompted by a website to install Crypto Wallets, which seemed sketchy, I didn’t know what it was so I looked it up and found out it was a Brave thing, I found it in settings and it was enabled. It is now disabled. official

In your Settings, for Extensions, for “Web3 provider for using Dapps,” the setting for disabling should be set to “none.”

Furthermore, Default settings for Extensions are as follows: Hangouts Enabled, IFPS Disable, Media Router Disabled, Private Browser with Tor Enabled, Web Torrents Enabled, Widevine Enabled.

Default settings, of course, are just that, and you are free to change them.

Other than this, the extensions that you have added to Brave “might” affect your being solicited when visiting certain websites.

The sites hold Dapps, which are specific to Ethereum Blockchain, which is what Brave’s “Crypto Wallet” is built upon – a hybrid Metamask, so to speak.

I can assume that Brave ran up against trilemma in blockchain systems, and has gone with Uphold’s centralized versus Crypto Wallet’s de-centralized feature so as to focus on consistency and scale, thus sacrificing the de-centralization arm of the trilemma.

If trilemma interest:

Click here to go to Ethereum Github.

But yes, ensure your extension settings are default, Web3 set to none, and you’ve no extensions enabled that are Discovery Apps that seek out ETH blockchain (or any Blockchain back-end coded application) Dapps (de-cemtralized apps whose back ends are built upon blockchain).

But, my understanding is that Brave shouldn’t interact with Dapps if Web3 is not enabled – set it to none.

…and apologies if this doesn’t resolve the issue. I came with some of my own, and saw this, and thought I’d drop far too much text. Regards.

Wondering if you have any insight on what I could do to solve a USDC and an ETH transfer that are pending…for a long time. USDC transfer has been pending for over 1 month, and I’ve tried subsequent transfers to another wallet (not within Brave) that go nowhere. I’ve also recently tried an ETH transfer and that is now pending as well.
Here’s my very first USDC transaction ID, from June 3rd, as copied from the Brave Crypto Wallet screen.
Let me know if there’s anything else I can tell you to help get this cleared up.

Nice, I like that I don’t have to pay additional money for more BitCoins that I stock there, and the transactions number a day are not limited. I mine BitCoin on other computers, and I need to send them every day the amount of money my people have mined, and I take commissions. My last wallet for cryptocurrencies I was using had some limits, that were making some impediments for working. This is why I like transactions with cryptocurrencies because it is really easy to make money on them and there are a lot of methods that can try almost everybody.

Did you set your own gas price, or let the vanilla gas pricing component work uninhibited?

I will look at them.

In the meantime, I would suggest toggling your data collection items under settings to on.

Whether you understand them or not(and you can), these will grant you a more robust downloadable state log.

Welcome to crypto.

The marketplace that allows yo infinite wallets with which you may trade with yourself, coin drops that can teach you to manually filter a Merkle, and all trustless transactions occur smoothly except yours.



Hi guys, i have a serious problem.
I am.seeing my purchase in etherscan but not in Brave wallet. Even the ethereum is 0.00 and i had two more cryptos too which does not show me. The account is not the same at all and i try to log from.different pc, i do make new profile.but still nothing. Is there someone who can help me.thank yoy

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In Brave Wallet, you need to add your coins/tokens. It will then display them.

  1. Log into wallet
  2. Ensure you’re on Assets tab
  3. At the bottom you’ll find Add Token button
  4. Try by name first
  5. If it is not listed, copy the token contract address from Etherscan (or your familiar explorer) and paste into Add Token

Not every token is supported.
MetaMask wallet browser extension is an excellent software wallet.
I am curious if extension wallets will become progressive web applications, as it would seem there is a push to eliminate extensions.
Whether it is a security plus to move to PWA should be the only reason.
The internet is fine. Security should be the guiding concern 100%.

This is great. Any reason why this can’t work with BAT tokens generated in browser? The third parties atm are a huge pain to deal with.