Insufficient Wallet Reputation for Grant Claim?

I faced this error while trying to claim my rewards.

What kind of “wallet reputation” system is that? How to increase reputation?

Looks news. Never heard of it.

[Jan 07, 2023, 9:35:24.7] 
[ RESPONSE - OnRequest ]
> Url:***
> Result: Failure
> HTTP Code: 400
> Body: {"code":400,"message":"Error claiming promotion: insufficient wallet reputation for grant claim"}
[Jan 07, 2023, 9:35:24.7] Invalid request
[Jan 07, 2023, 9:35:24.7] Credentials process not succeeded LEDGER_ERROR

The error logs are things which have never been taught to users. Thats cause of Scammers / tricksters who will try and abuse the system. The only thing you can do right now is to raise a ticket at, so someone from Brave can have a look.

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