Indonesia country unavailable

Thanks to this hold my reward system, now i cant transfer any of those reward bcs your system say uphold and gemini is not available in my country Indonesia, but i have account in gemini exchange and my id for sign in gemini is from Indonesia. And the most terrible thing is i dont get any ads in this country !


Edit: And after read this thread now i know that i cant change my country !!! Aghhhh

No, it says linking Brave Rewards to Gemini or Uphold is not available. They do not say you can’t have an Uphold or Gemini account. These are two very different things.

Currently 12 campaigns in your region. I’m not sure which OS they are advertising on or what you’re using. But yeah, there’s ads there. Of course, other part would be that you need to make sure your settings are appropriate to allow for ads as well.

I mean, you can change the country selected in Brave by doing a Reset or your Rewards and then choosing the right country. But this only will be valid if you’re actually in the country you’d be selecting. If you aren’t, then wouldn’t be able to link to Uphold/Gemini.

And yeah, you can always live in another country. It’s not easy, but you could. Then you’d be able to Verify and connect as such. But if you’re just saying “I can’t lie to Brave to fake my country” then your’e right, they are fighting against people who were doing things like that. Such actions are fraud.

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