How to change Brave Rewards region

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Brave asked for a Country. I can’t find where this selection was stored and how to change it.

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Version 1.46.133 Chromium: 108.0.5359.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)

So today Brave asked for a country in order to keep showing ads for “my region” but I now can’t find where that selection was stored.
Where can I find it?

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@A2020 Once selected, it can’t be changed. If you chose the wrong country, you have to Reset your Rewards, which then erases all the BAT you have in the browser. It is designed to where you had to not only select your region, but then you had to hit Continue. The likelihood of “accidentally” choosing a region is quite low.

At least, that’s been the answer given when I’ve talked to Support on how to handle it.

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Today my Brave asked me in order to continue using the rewards i have to enter a country. I already have my location set in the settings to my Specific Province which is in Canada. The dropdown menu shows no countries to chose from. So what kind of glitchy crap is going on here? Brave fix your browser. I been here since the beginning and now you are trying to phase me out by installing some kind of riddle i cant solve? At least give me the option to chose my country…

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There should be a way to change region. Because what if you travel or change country?


I kind of understand what you’re trying to say. But I think as long as the country in the documents you used for KYC / AML for Uphold / Gemini matches the one you selected in Brave, you should be good to be able to verify. @SaltyBanana Am I right about this ?


lets keep this topic on top. They need to get this sorted out.

  1. A lot of people are replying here with off-topic issues. For example, @styles666 should have made their own topic as it’s not to do with what A2020 had asked.

  2. Despite #1, I’ll say to keep in mind, it’s currently Saturday. It’s very rare to see Support active on holidays or weekends. So we may need to give it time.

  3. As to changing it, they don’t want people to easily and readily be able to change, otherwise it defeats the purpose. This was implemented to help reduce the amount of people committing fraud and bypassing regional ad restrictions. All a person can do if they ever are in a sincere situation of moving, is to try to submit a support ticket. Once it goes through validation, they may find ways to assist. This should be extremely rare.

  4. As to the blank list, there’s been reports on it already. I know SaltyBanana was looking into it and I’m sure others are as well. I’ll also be tagging @chriscat on it here and on Reddit post just in case he checks in. I’m not sure what’s going on with that.

@SmartyAadi Yes, you are right. The most important thing is choosing the country that matches the ID documents you would use to ID-verify with Uphold/Gemini. For example, if you have a Canadian passport and would use that during ID-verification, I would select Canada as your country for Brave Rewards.

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@chriscat Brave considered fat finger error for Brave Wallet. Why not similar protection for this country selection prompt? And is resetting Brave Rewards the only way to change the country again?

Damn starting to hate this rewards system.need I reset again all my rewards, apparently that is the solution for choose the wrong country…

I never received not a cent. and I’m using brave since I discovered. on 2020.
After 9 months my computer crash and I lost everything, 12 BAT, because I do’t have the mínimum. then today After many failed attemps in the last month, I finally can did the KYC with uphold and got approved, and the also today some message appeared in brave, I chose any country, don’t matter that when selected,… and now the same day that I really can do the KYC I lost the brave rewards because I dind’t choose colombia, just frustrating for me.

I missed all rewards since 2020, and now I will lose it again.

Where I can a support to the team, or only this forum is available… .

I also lost the rewards of the last 9 month or more, because now only come to a wallet, not are provided in browser as before.


Contact support team at

THanks, ticket created… lets see…
If not lost again all after 2 years, grrrrr frustrating , ok still all my life to see ads . xD and start from zero.
for now I’m seeings ads for free. hehehe

A case to note for @chriscat. I myself, won’t like it if there really isn’t a way to change the country except resetting Brave Rewards. Btw, I have correctly selected my country. This is just a concern, the way it has been implemented.


If it is that severe for if you can claim your brave rewards to what kind of country you choose maybe they could EMPHASIZE that in the beginning.
I mean if you just write that it is just for what kind of advertise you would get then people will think that it is not that important.
It feels like they are doing this different crap on purpose sometimes just so you loose your BAT coins.
Brave was supposed to be ad blocker anonymous and all that but i guess that was just to lure in people in to using it just to let the government and different companies to btt fuk the last people to stand up against this tyranny.

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They do. They’ve always listed what countries are supported. Also the Terms say not to abuse or try to circumvent regional ad restrictions. People abusing that is what has resulted in Brave having to get a bit stricter with it.

I mean, even now, look how many people selected the wrong country. It’s not like it’s easy to “accidentally” choose the wrong country.

Step 1
It would show like this, where you would need to select country.

Photos 12_5_2022 17_52_34

Step 2
You would then choose a country from the list.

Step 3
You would then need to confirm your choice by hitting Continue.

New Tab - Brave 12_2_2022 11_28_16

Also, you notice in Step 1 how it mentions it’s so you can be shown the right options and ads for your country? So yeah, choosing wrong country means you’re out of luck on getting the right options and ads, which means wouldn’t earn or get payouts.

It still is. Only time you have to do more is if you decide you want to participate in Rewards and earn BAT. You can opt out of that and not worry about any of this. But if you want money, then governments have stepped in and places can’t legally pay without going through these hurdles. And, with all the people trying to commit fraud and abuse Rewards, Brave has to have more barriers in place to prevent it.

If you have issues with that, then use the browser and don’t use Rewards. It’s really that simple.

Anyway, these conversations are off-topic. Please go create your own topic if continuing on with it.

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I guess part of the confusion is that it says “Your country” so does that means where one is from, or where one is using Brave from?
And if the important point is to select the same one used to verify with Uphold/Gemini, shouldn’t then that be the question that Brave prompts?

I would agree too. It could be more explicitly stated. What it says, something like ‘to show ads and Right options’ looks quite vague. And a warning too that it can be selected once. @chriscat


Couldn’t have agreed more. :+1:t2:


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