Improve Tab Switcher for One Hand Use


Long time ago, I was regular Chrome user but then switched to Brave after they switched to Grid View for menu where we can switch into different tabs. And some time later, Brave did the same.

I find it annoying to reach at the top left corner of the screen to switch to the tab. While I know people can get used to it but it still sucks. So, any possibility that the Brave team could provide better one hand use experience for tab switcher?

You may try to replicate something like what Firefox for Android uses. It simply keeps the tab switcher a bit below. So, even though it is not as convenient as the fairly old tab switcher, it still helps a lot when we are using only one hand.

Here are screenshots of both for comparison:

So, does the mods/admin/devs not respond to feature requests or they just don’t find this feature request insignificant? :thinking: