Impossible to check brave reward wallet

Hi, according to this link, I can’t have more than 4 verified wallet.

I’ve only ever used two different devices, but I’ve done a lot of reformatting on my main computer, which by the way has lost me quite a bit of BAT’s as well.

So I would have two questions, since the situation has been going on for months and I dare not reformat anymore, otherwise I will lose dozens more BAT’s:

  • I still have a device that is linked to my uphold account, can I somehow transfer the BAT’s available on this pc, on another?

  • Is there a way to save your BAT’s when reformatting? The last time I had kept all the “brave wallet” folders, to copy them to the new folder once the PC was reformatted: Useless and made me lose both the tokens and the wallet verification.

hoping that Brave does something, otherwise I’ll quickly use another browser in these conditions. It’s nice to have a collection of BAT’s if you can’t do anything with them. Even not reformatting your computer.

Thanks you for your help.

Thank you. Reviewing.

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No problems, somebody maybe have an answer to one of my question ?

There is no solution to my questions maybe ?

Please see the following post for instructions on how to submit a wallet unlinking request:

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