Importing history from Firefox only imports last 3 months

Description of the issue:
I’m migrating from Firefox to Brave and trying to import my browsing history, but only get 3 months of it. Anything earlier than 2023-01-18 is absent. Please help

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Spend more than 3 months using Firefox
  2. Import browsing history from there to Brave
  3. Be surprised that most of it is lost in transfer

Expected result:
Years of browsing history transferred.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
v1.50.119 64 bit

Unfortunate limitation of Chromium.

History Trends Unlimited can help you retain longer history, although I’m not sure if it will work on importation from another browser. Maybe worth a shot.

If your extended history is of high importance, maybe there’s a way you could dump it all out to Bookmarks and then import those bookmarks. Not great but YMMV.

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A matter of convenience, I’m used to be able to find articles and other stuff that I’ve seen years ago. Trends are interesting to look at as well.

So it isn’t just imports, Chromium itself doesn’t keep anything older than 3 months? That’s a bummer.

Tried the extension, as expected it didn’t have any advanced import options, and all history is trimmed when imported to Brave. But thanks for the suggestions, I’ll keep looking.

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Found a hack: if you set the computer clock to 1970 or something, the history will import properly. So you’ll have time to do something before it gets erased as you set the clock back to now.

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Nice workaround! Thanks for sharing that.

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