Image recognition

It would be nice to have a image recognition like google lens, here are some uses that would be quicker to do:

Scan and translate text on images and pictures for easier searching,
Translating signs,books,texts and etc without using google translator
No need for screenprint to upload to search engines, identify pics, places, people, location and being redirected to a search engine about it.
Text-to-speech for visually impaired

All of that without needing extension for every single one of them, not to mention there is no existence of an extension or DESKTOP software with the same functions as Google Lens

Edit: Google Lens just updated and gave Chrome Browser the upper hand, showing the usefulness of image recognition capibalities

Found a temporary solution.

Just enter the following link in Brave (or any browser you use) and bookmark this (or add it to your desktop)

Now, just use the snipping tool (to ease direct pasting) or simply take a screenshot and paste or drag it to the given link page. You’re all set.