"Brave Lense?" alternative to Google Lense

Use Case:
Google lens is popular because it offers so much features that is useful for users such as identifying things, scanning QR code and text translation. Having this feature on Brave is a game changing. We all know that Google keep your data etc, if Brave implement this feature, there is no reason to use Google anymore as Brave will provide privacy for users data.

Personal Experience
I went to a restaurant where their menu is on the web. So, they provide a QR code on each table. But, at that time I didn’t know that the QR code is for the menu and I ask the for the waiters to take order. The waiter ask me to scan the QR code and politely instruct me to do that.

She said “Sir, you can order using our QR code. Let me show you, first you open any browser…” and she did notice that I use Brave as my default. So, she suggest to use Google Lens instead to scan the QR code.

Even Firefox on Android have this scanning feature.