Image.jpeg is saved as .avif, unknown format

Description of the issue:
when I have a picture with url “” and save this, mostly it will saved as “image.avif”??? wrong format, want the original jpeg!!!

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  • do a image search with filetype jpeg
  • open some images in new tab (not page of picture!, use image file url!)
  • press command-S
  • show to your download list
  • see, about 80% of your images are saved with avif format

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

  • wrong file format, I get avif files, expected jpeg

Expected result:

  • they should be all saved as jpeg

Reproduces how often:

  • since days, many times a day

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
MacOS 10.13, 10.15, 13.2
Brave x.129

Additional Information:

  • still the human has to decide!
  • the machine is only a tool what has to do what humans wants.
  • and not the programmer known what’s the best for me, I do decide it! new feature are no problem, but if I want to save the source-image, I decide about the file format

Keep in mind I’m answering this as someone who doesn’t use Mac, so I may not be correct in what I’m saying. But I’m 99% positive this works the same way on Windows and Mac…

Are you not doing Save As and then setting the format? If you’re just simply downloading, then it defaults to downloading it in the format that it’s presented with. For example:


In the above, you see it’s trying to save as WEBP (on yours, guessing it would say .avif) file. What we do on Windows is you change WEBP over to say All Files. Then on the File name, you add .jpg. So it would be like below:


When you choose then to Save, you’ll get a jpeg file:


Of course, main thing to keep in mind is if the file name you’re downloading already has an extension to it, such as .avif in the name, you’ll need to delete the .avif and replace with with .jpeg. But if no extension given, just modify.

You can, just have to actually make the choice. If you just click, it does what it’s programmed to do by default.


Nice and beautiful description, but it is not as described. I did not make the mistake of selecting “save as” and then choosing the wrong format.

To give a detailed example: this picture, will be saved as .webp?!

I do not know how the Windows machine is handling this, but the Mac version of Brave is deciding which filetype, is not a human mistake and is not the source filetype I got from the internet.

Take a screenshot of what you’re choosing when you go to save it. I’m telling you that if you want it in a specific format, such as JPEG, then you have to add .jpeg at the end of the file name and have to make sure drop down is different. If you’re just choosing to Save then you’re going to get whatever the default file type is. On Windows, this is going more and more to webp and on Mac it’s avif.

Only because an image shows as ‘jpg’ on the internet doesn’t mean it is a jpg.
if you open the image in a hex program and see the raw information about it, you will see it says WEBPVP8

The jpg is just a trick web developers are using to cheat whatever for compatibility reasons I guess, but the format is going to be webp regardless, same with avif and others.

The browser is actually saving what it is supposed to be saving, because it is doing the right thing, giving you the real format instead of what the website decided to give you.
The only one that can save ‘jpg’ is devtools, you go to sources and find the photo and right click ‘save as’, but it is still a webp format renamed as jpg.

So, you can just rename webp to jpg if you want like they do, but it will not change anything, if a photo app doesn’t support webp, it will not read the file.

If you want to save a true jpg you have to use an extension like

it will probably add some compression to the photo and all that, but the file that comes from there is a real jpeg.

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