I'm not receiving Brave Ads anymore

i’m not receiving any ads since the last update, in the latest version before this update, i’m receiving 1 or 2 ads, one day yes and one day not, why i don’t receiving any ad now?

If the adverts were scarce to begin with is it possible you’ve exhausted all of the adverts they could serve you, or that the ad campaign that was running in your region stopped?

If you don’t think that’s the case you could try these things. Make sure that Rewards and Ads are turned on, make sure that Brave has permissions to send notification, and try turning ads off, closing out, opening back up, and turning ads on back again.

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how can i know that ad campaign from my region stopped? How many ads can i receive in a mounth? i live in brazil, i see in this website the active campaigns and it appears that is active: https://brave.com/transparency/

i did it, but it’s not work, i activated the notifications, and config it to see brave ads anytime even if i’m using fullscreen

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