I was not paid for February

So far I have been on a tested wallet and I did not have a rewards for February
Now I have included gemini and I still don’t rewards for February


Gemini wallets are still processing. Please be patient:

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I also still haven’t been paid out for February, and I know we’re past pending at this point.

Please send me your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page.

Thank you.

My previous thread about this was closed. However I can not fine the page that you have stated - brave://rewards-internals.

I also had an unverified wallet, until today as I thought if I link uphold it might show me the internals page on the rewards menu in settings but I still cannot find it. Also, I have now seen that the uphold payment status is complete so will I get my rewards paid out still?

Can you please share a screenshot of what your brave://rewards-internals page looks like on your end?

Sorry I misread — please simply type brave://rewards-internals into your brave address bar and hit enter.

i have sent you a private message with the information

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