I want to restore my wallet using password and key, but it is not possible

I want to restore my wallet using Recovery phrase and key, but it is not possible
And the recovery operation is unsuccessful

@priest hopefully you’re paying enough attention to realize Durham is a scam account and you didn’t click on the link or provide details. They will just try to get you to provide information and steal anything you have in crypto wallet(s).

As to saying it’s not possible, why do you say that? How are you trying to do things and what errors are you experiencing?

With the recovery phrase, I can’t become brave wallet owner, error in operation Or he says that the expression is not correct


Nothing showing, don’t know if you tried to upload or what. But let me go through some details.

First, please answer:

  1. Which OS are you using? (such as Windows 10, Android 12, etc)

  2. Which version of Brave are you using? (Hamburger menu → Help → About Brave)

Then I want to also confirm, you are selecting one of the two options below to restore your Wallet, right?

  • Import Existing Wallet


  • Restore


Also, you are using the 12 word seed phrase, right? It has to be 12. When you go to restore, it will look like below:

On the seed phrase, you would insert all 12 words with spaces between each word. Then the password is just new password you would be creating to access on your device.

The recovery phrase is incorrect
Exactly, I have stored the recovery phrase and 12 words and I believe it is correct

Are you typing them all in lower case? If not, that might be your issue as I think it only does them in lower case with no capital letters.

Other thing is make sure no space before the first word and no space after the final. But otherwise should have space between each word.

Then of course, is question(s) I asked about which OS and version of Brave you’re using. I have asked that because it can play a role in people having issues. Just trying to think of any small things that might be problematic.

mi phone is android

I entered the link that I introduced
And it asked me to enter 12 words for recovery in Volt recovery menu and I did
And the balance in which there is a small amount
What matters is the amount to be transferred and my access to the transferor and the address I have given my money to.

brave private browser
and all things u say i do

Will it cause any problems for me?
Because in a few days an amount will come to my wallet

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