I created alternative Brave browser logo and icons (Preview and DL link is posted)

I originally posted about alternative icons and I posted these there too but I feel like that thread is pretty much dead and just relying on that I feel these would just fall into deaf ears.
But the topic was alternative icons or logos and well this sums it up
Brave logo concept logo
Brave logo concept logo orange
Brave Nightly logo concept

The template I use to make these came from some Russian website I found poking around on Yandex, it was basically a planar version of the blue one. but I put a lot of work into these, more than I originally thought they were going to require. They were created using GIMP 2.10 formatted with a fine tuned custom color management profile, and 16bit floating Point Precision
sRGB Perpetual gamma. and not some generic icon editor. the ICO files I made first have 9 resolution layers . but when I replaced the original icons in the exe launcher. i had to match the original 4 resolution layering structure and it’s weird layer order layout. But I don’t expect anyone to go that deep. so just click change icon in the shortcut properties.(I laughed when I noticed that the original purple DEV icons are still in the exe launcher). I was going to include all 3 of the 9 Layer icon files Here, but they wouldn’t let me upload them… so here’s a link.

Dude! It’s uglier than the current one :joy:

That’s what I was looking for. Thanks! I prefer the second one.