I lost all my downloads…

1 hour ago i deleted the app due to storage problems and my brave downloads folder got deleted too (i have so many files, pictures and pdfs in it)

It was the latest version of Brave for iOS.

Mobile Device details
iphone 6s./ ios15.1

Additional Information:
Please tell me there is a way to recover. I’m going nuts… also mad at myself.

A help would be great

@where ,

Try the Files app on your iPhone.

Figure out how to make room for Brave, and use the App Store to re-download / install Brave.

Then use USB cable, connecting your iPhone to a Mac computer, and use File Sharing function of iTunes (on the Mac) to copy the files to the Mac.


In principle you can recover deleted files but it depends on many factors such as space in tour dik, are the files overwritten, are they big size, … This is not exact science because when files are deleted they are first cut into small pieces then thrown onto the disk!

One of the first thing to do immediately, is to stop using the phone, do not install or delete files as this may ovewrite your deleted files.

The next thing to do is to install a recovery app or use one if it exists in your device. IF installing an app you should install it on SD card NOT in the phone’s disk.

Results are not guranteeted. Good luck

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