I haven't recieved my Rewards

Hi, I haven’t recieved the rewards this month.

The problem I think Is My wallet was verified until Uphold Quitted Venezuela, The Browser told me it couldn’t verify the wallet (for that reason but it didn’t mentioned that), so my wallet is not verified right now, and yet, my rewards hasn’t come or the notification to claim them. It was like 6 BAT.

I’m on Desktop Windows 10 pro
Brave ver:
Versión 1.41.96 Chromium: 103.0.5060.114 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

Like a year ago, but now I have not verified wallet.

I have recieved any of my past month rewards

Not using VPN

I am in Venezuela so I’m in a supported region for Brave

My Shitty Internet pass the Safety net thingy

Edit: I just realized I have not the last version, I’ll Update and tell you if worked

Hey @NoiGS. Unfortunately there’s not too much that we can help you with here on your Topic. Your best course of action right now is to create a Support Ticket so someone from Brave can assist you.

They will look at things from their side of things and will get your BAT to you if it’s possible.

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Thank you! I’ll first update Brave anyways, probably that could be the problem, I remember something like that happened to someone some time ago, and that’s how it solved.

If doesn’t work, I’ll make the ticket

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