I have not received my january bat tokens in my wallet

It shows that you will receive your reward on 7 feb but i did not get my reward till 1st march.

I’m guessing a language translation thing went wrong, so let me clarify. When it says i did not get my reward till first march it makes it sound like you did receive your payment. Can you confirm this or were you saying that even here in March you have not received your January payment?

If you’re saying you have not received it, can you get back to us with some of the information below:

  1. What version of Windows are you using?
  2. What version of Brave do you have? (is it up-to-date?)
  3. Are you seeing ads?
  4. If seeing ads, are you seeing Estimated Earnings change?
  5. Do you have a Verified Wallet? If so, with Uphold or Gemini?
  6. What region are you in?
  7. Do you use a VPN or Proxy server?

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