I did not received my payout from month of august and september

Good day sir, Please Help me with my problem, i did not yet received my payout for the last AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER PAYOUT . Its already September 11 2020 and yet still did not received my payout please help me fix this, thanks

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I have not received any payment from August and September to my uphold a wallet. Everything was working fine before and I was regularly receiving payments on the 5th-6th of each month. What happened, who do I contact, and how do I fix this?

Look here:

They still haven’t fixed anything! I use the browser for privacy and earning and both seem to be getting violated as of late!

For me the same. The security aspect of the Browser was why i downloaded and install it.
But to earn?
Not for me! I like to tip the BAT to someone who makes awesome YT Videos and show my appreciation trough this. Sure the more BAT i get, the more i can tip. But to keep it will only give me a coffee or two a month. Maybe i cange my mind if i earn so much, that i can get a Pizza and Softdrink out of it, twice a month. :wink:

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