I did not receive the March reward

I did not receive the March reward. What happens? are you going to pay?


same here, still don’t get March rewards, plus new ones are not counting (they are showing but the balance is not increasing)

@shotiko07 can you please DM me your Wallet ID (found at brave://rewards-internals)

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Sir most of the people with verified uphold id not received their payment…
Please deeply investigate it

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Are you able to fix the issue of not getting March 2022 rewards.?

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I also did not receive it, and my Uphold account is verified.

I also did not receive my rewards for March. Using a verified uphold account.

Here the same! :frowning: I have 4 devices, Only 1 of 4 received! Uphold verified too. I only received 0,3 Bat and i should have received 14 BAT!

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I haven’t received my March rewards as well. Who do I need to contact about this???

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