No BAT received for February rewards

I haven’t received anything for last month (February) even though the message stated 2.35 or something BAT in 7 days. Those days passed, I waited, and then nothing happened. Message disappeared and no BAT received. I suspect this will happen again this month. On top of that even though my Uphold account is verified, it does not show correct balance. Any ideas?

Does it show you currently connected?

Best option is to create a Rewards Support Ticket at

I’ve figured out that in Uphold you actually can have multiple accounts for BAT, therefore it was not possible to display everything. When you verify yourself Uphold will create separate account for BAT rewards.

But, anyway what’s with the lack of rewards previous month?

You mean missing payment or you referring to less than average earned?

Missing payment. No BAT received at all.

@fragidistic I already mentioned to do the support ticket. I wouldn’t know what happened. I mean shouldn’t go missing. And for you to say you continued earning, it makes it sound like you weren’t flagged. But it would have to be someone from Brave who has to investigate and try to figure it out.

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