I did not receive my brave rewards correcty

This month I had 3BAT and I only received 0.25BAT. the brave navegator indicates that of the 3bat I would receive on the 10th 1.75BAT but I ended up receiving on the may 10th only 0.25BAT. The previous months were the same. With each month that passes I get bekm less that is being shown

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I have the same issue. I was supposed to get 21 BATs for the month of April, as shown on the ad setting page of the browser, yet I only receive 1 BAT . @steeven could you please tell us what we need to do to fix this ?

All I can tell you is that; these tokens lean on the markets fluctuations, am saying this because after I made market analysis; I noticed that no one to be blamed at all but it’s a matter of the market movement. Right now I can tell you that in a period of a month; tokens will be down.

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