I did not get the April 6 payment


I did not get the April 6 payment from Brave installed on my computer. I received my payment from Brave on my phone, but it was also missing (I bought 2 BATs but I could not get 1 BAT). I guess BATs taken on days 1-8 of the month will go to bed next month. This is not so important…

But even though I have more than 4 BATs on my computer, the “Receive Payment” button did not appear. Can you help me?

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Hi @Rakun payout is still processing. This was posted yesterday:

You can read it, check everything is all right on your end, and try to wait a bit longer. My Android claimed fine but I’m waiting on my desktop, like you. It can take several days to process for some.

Thank you, have a nice day… :blush:

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