I couldn't claim ads reward

I can’t see the “claim button”, I have a verified wallet but I couldn’t find how to claim the brave awards.
The replies on the other similar topics are talking about an unverified wallet.

I appreciate your replies.

Brave Version V1.18.77

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Processing . . . January Brave Ads Payout Status

Also quoted from thread above

If you do have a verified wallet, your payout will be deposited automatically into your Brave Rewards wallet and Uphold account. Please double-check if it’s there! (Usually, Uphold will send you an e-mail receipt of the payout transaction.)

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Thank you for your fast reply.
I double checked everything but nothing was deposited.

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The payments are still processing

okey thank you for your help

The rewards was reseted but I didn’t get them

Hi, the exact same happened to me. The claim button never appeared and there’s nothing new in the wallet. Today it got reset.

@alandfranco if your wallet is verified the bats are sent directly to uphold.

@shahrazed, a bit of patience, until steeven anounces that all the payments are made there’s nothing to worry.

Yes is verified and is not there. I will wait a couple of days more.

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