Brave Rewards problem_

I checked “Monthly Ads Payout Status Update”, and the Unverified Wallets are “Claims Available”.

But I didn’t receive anything yet. And there is no message saying to claim the rewards.

Do I have to wait a few more days?

Did you refresh your brave://rewards page? If you linked to an Uphold wallet, you won’t get the claim button–it should transfer automatically.

Yes I refreshed, my wallet is not verified.

Until the day 7 August, it was appearing a message saying that I would receive 3.245 BATS, and after 7 August just nothing happened.

Payments are still processing. It can take a week or more from the “payment date” for all of them to be completed.

Ok. It’s curious that in my cell phone a message appeared to receive the rewards, but just 0,250 BATS because I don’t use it so much in my cell phone.

Still waiting for the PC payment.

Thank you

It should arrive soon, as well.


Does your device pass Safetynet? You can test here:

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