I can't watch this live streaming LA7

Hi, everytime I try to watch https://www.la7.it/dirette-tv, I can’t see anything and it seems the page is loading without starting.
I tried to turn off the shield but nothing happened.

I would watch the live streaming as I do on Chrome or Opera.

Brave Version 1.22.69

Xiaomi MiA1
Android 9

How can I solve this?

Thank you!!


True, I opened that URL on Android and the video wouldn’t play (it works on Windows though).
You can

  1. turn off Shields (tap the Lion :lion: and turn it off),
  2. and report the website by tapping “Segnala sito non funzionante” (I guess you have the Italian version).

The development team will take care of that.

Ok, done.

Thank you!

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