I can't verify my Brave wallet!

It looks like I’m connected to brave on Uphold, but when I go to brave browser, it says I need to verify my wallet.When I click on verify wallet it automatically redirects me to uphold and I get this error.I disconnected from Uphold and tried again but it didn’t work.I tried deleting the application because it redirects directly to the application, but this time it only redirects to a white page.All problem is in brave browser please fix this.

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Yes same issue here and it’s happening to a lot of people. I have never had an issue until two days ago. I have had it verified for a long time now and all of a sudden I have this issue.

I hope there is something that we can do. I have even sent out a request to the community team to unlink my wallet to all brave browser since this link limit should be removed for all users. Never thought a company like brave would have limitations

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