I cant join brave rewards!

Hi, first sorry for my bad english (im from Argentina)
When i try to enter to Brave rewards, i cant.
First when i touch “join to rewards” it says to me “try again later” and i cant, i tried at the next day.
Then when i touch another buttons to enter to brave rewards, it says me “generating wallet” and then dissapear.
can someone help me? I have a samsung galaxy s9, android 10, one UI 2.1, and the last brave app that i can install in play store (1.10.99)


i have the same problem with desktop Brave. i cant join in Brave Reward. It say " Wallet creation failed
Please check your internet connection." while im still online

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same problem here, i am from argentina too

there are issue with the server even the one who joined and has wallet has connection issue and i think they working on it

hope it fixed soon and have a nice day

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I have the same problem on iOS and macOS. I’m from Japan.

I am hoping for a fix soon.

Hi all - thanks for reporting! The team has just deployed a fix for this.

thanks @steeven it work fine about 1 hour ago

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