Can't Join Rewards in Brave Android App

If I click the button “Yes Im in”/ “Join Rewards”, nothing happens. Stuck in creating wallet.

this is the screenshot.

there is a message. “Please try again later”
why I can’t create wallet?

im using android 10

Did you have a custom ROM? Or rooted device? Most likely is because your device is falied the Safety Net check which is required in order to enable Rewards.

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is their any way to enable brave rewards on rooted device with custom ROM

I’m not using custom rom nor rooted device sir. I’m using huawei phone and I downloaded the brave app from apk pure.

btw sir thank you for responding.

Then this one @Dek :point_up:

No workaround as far as I’m aware of, @asadbaig25.

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Try brave nightly version…it will work i guess

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okay let me try. thank you. i’m gonna send my feedback later

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