I can't install Brave in the app in the microsoft store

Description of the issue:
Hello, I wanted to install the Brave browser application in the Microsoft Store on my dad’s computer and it tells me: the application could not be installed, check for updates from the Microsoft Store and try again, I need help, please.

Did you check for updates in the Microsoft store and/or your Windows system?

@Mattches Yes, I checked everything and everything is updated, but the application does not install it. I have looked at a lot of tutorials on YouTube if there was a solution but none worked for me.

Can you please confirm what version of Windows you’re using at this time?

I’m on the latest version 23h2

Try to download from web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. :v:

Yeah. I have downloaded Firefox, opera gx, opera browser, yandex browser, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge and everything works fine when I install it from the Microsoft store. but the Brave browser still hasn’t installed it from the store and I still get the same error although I also went to Search and Search ws reset and it doesn’t work either.

I also went to settings/application/installed applications/system components/advanced options/reset/repair and none of them work, I don’t know what to do with this problem.

@Mattches I cannot solve my problem for me I even got an error code as the image appears for me that the problem that is not installed must be the Brave Software company server is there a solution so that the Brave application can be installed on the Microsoft Store

We are not seeing this issue on our end — everything appears fine and we are able to download/install the browser from the MS store. We will be looking further into this — is there a particular reason you need to download via the MS store as opposed to downloading from the website?

Can you actually run the Windows Store App troubleshooter? It’s method one on this page here:

thank you. When answering your question, what happens is that after the browser is installed, the browser becomes very heavy when browsing the web. That’s why I wanted to try and experience the Brave Microsoft Store browser and see if the browser is lighter.

Hi @Mattches, none of the ones that sent me the link work for me. What I am going to do, I am going to format the PC so that my problem is resolved and if not, I will have to contact Microsoft technical support to see if there is any solution to my problem.

You’re welcome to do that, but I think that you should download the browser from the official page and use that — there is no difference between the builds. You are downloading, installing and running the same files, whether it’s from the MS store, our page or from our Github — it’s all the same.

The better question is why your browser is running slowly, which I’d be happy to assist you with if you were to reinstall the browser and experience the same issue.

If so, I was still thinking about reinstalling the browser from the official website. As you say, it will be the same installing from the MS store

The thing is that my dad’s PC is an HDD disk and it is not an SSD because the PC is very slow, so I wanted to install the Brave application in the MS store to be able to experience the performance. Anyway, thank you for everything @Mattches, if you have any problems, I will contact you. Have a good week.