I am wondering if brave has their own DNS server

I am curious if brave has their own public DNS… if so… how do I get it? I want my network to be ad free :smiley: and not just my brave browser.

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Brave doesn’t offer a public DNS service.
Try this www.blahdns.com

DNS wouldn’t prevent ads. People switch DNS servers so that their ISPs don’t see their traffic. DNS is the protocol used to resolve the IP of domain names it has nothing to do with ads. I guess its hypothetically possible to set a DNS server to block the domains associated with the ads but I think that may break the site.

Actually it wouldn’t block ads at all. Most Adblockers either look at databases HTTP request sources or CSS

The one that I have posted does.

I meant changing you DNS doesn’t inherently block ads.

If you change your DNS to blahdns, you will “inherently” block all ads without using anything else.

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