I am running 32 bit Brave on a 64 bit system. Questions

  1. Is there any particular benefit to switching to 64 bit Brave? Is it faster or use less memory?

  2. If I simply download and run the 64 bit installer, will it pick up all my existing settings?

Thank you.

Hello, here are a couple articles with some clues; I can’t vouch for them being 100% correct but at least partially so.

I do think there are theoretical security benefits, at least, to running 64-bit apps when possible.

But first, are you definitely running the 32-bit? Check brave://settings/help to make sure. It seems to install even the 64-bit version under the c:\Program Files (x86) folder on Windows, which is normally where you’d expect 32-bit apps, so it can be confusing.

As to your second question, not 100% sure, but if I were you I would:

  • Take a backup first
  • Uninstall the 32-bit before installing the 64-bit.

To be honest I’m fairly confident it will pick up everything from your profile(s) as those are simply folders of data under your home directory, and that won’t change. But better to be safe.


Did exactly that. Nothing missing. We’ll see about performance, but nothing obvious out of the box.

Didn’t need the backup, but I always do backups to be on the safe side.


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