I am no longer receiving ads

For some reason I stopped receiving ads five days ago on my desktop and now it’s been two days since I received any on my android. I don’t know what’s going on. Nothing is different on my end. Everything is as it should be but I’m not getting any ads on either devices for days now. What up with that?


Hi @Sirius1,

Please see our FAQ for information on why you may not be seeing ads:

Also please note:


Like I said before, everything on my end is as it should be but you’re telling me it’s normal to not receive ads for a whole week? That doesn’t make any sense. Not one? Something is not right. I get some days not being as productive as others but to not receive anything for days and now my android is completely dark as well, something is wrong.


Hi , Ads not showing in my brave(mobile) from 7-10 days please help me . A single ads not showing even I use it 1.5 hr continuously but ads not comming . Please give me a solution please

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I find it interesting that almost simultaneously I and a lot of other people either stopped receiving ads completely or receive much, much less than before, then not long after the value of a BAT shoots up from 25 cents to 33 cents in the market. There’s something dishonest about Brave when it comes to this cryptocurrency stuff and I don’t like it.


Same here, its been 4 days since that i haven’t received any ads too.
All i can remember is after the new SYNC update, this problem arise, that’s why id didn’t post and thread regarding it, either they revert you to some “Support” thread they made regarding which doesn’t help at all.
Thank you for posting, hope we might get ads in some time or days.

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hey are u receiving ads now?

Funny you should ask. I just received my first ad on my desktop and android last night after my latest comment on this thread. Nearly 10 days of nothing and I get one. Just one though, on each.

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I haven’t gotten 1 ad since March/April on my main pc. I just set up brave on my laptop and have 4 ads within an hour or 2 after I just left it on youtube and wiggle the mouse every now and then. Something definitely isn’t right.

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I think with Many members registered… BRAVE Browser is selective on certain people … I’m also experiencing the Same Problem… since August 8 … 1 day left for 10 days with not a single ads… I never complained thinking it will get fixed… but 10 days is alot… No Announcement By @Steven about this Issue.

I don’t think we’ll ever get full transparency on how all this BAT stuff REALLY works. I think they control a lot more than what they’re leading us to believe. If there was a legitimate reason for them slowing things down and they were open and honest about it I would understand. Like maybe they don’t have enough money to keep up with all the BAT people are earning or whatever it is. But it’s the obvious vagueness and generic responses that make me believe they’re being shady and purposely cutting people off from earnings. Like, “Nothing to see here, folks. Everything is normal.” I don’t like being treated like I’m stupidd.


I can fully agree! These were my last two ads in 7 days (Brave desktop):

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I don’t think they have money problem with respect to a lot of people using Brave to earn BAT since BAT is cryptocurrency after all so its totally up to how much is bought or mined will be there…over that the company doesn’t have any control…because that’s what the purpose of cryptocurrencies built on blockchain was, to form a decentralized network…ALTHOUGH I HIGHLY AGREE WITH YOU on the ads not showing thing…about that they aren’t transparent as much they tell they are!

Well, I’m not pretending to know what their reasons are because I don’t know. Obviously, that’s why I’m here. I can only speculate but what I do know is that they’re not being honest.


sirius i hate u :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Three ads in the span of 15 days though. Two on my desktop and one on my android. I just don’t get it. I’m basically over it with all of this BAT crap. Whatever, I guess. I’m tired of dealing with it.

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Found a potential temporary fix that only works if you for some reason backed up your Brave browser files back in April or so. I go into more detail on a separate community post:


In my brave browser ( mobile and windows Desktop) ads not comming sice 22-25 days . What can I do , please help me

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Same here, it’s about 20 days I don’t receive an ad on both mobile and desktop. I think their business is not working anymore or this company is a complete sc(a)m. I’ll wait another month, then I will uninstall. We should do all the same and start writing on twitter.

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I believe there is a major glitch in their system. All these “you may not receive ad for this this this reason” are complete BS. You guys can simply acknowledge that’s something wrong with your system and compensate us later on.