I'm not receiving ads

Hi! I haven’t been receiving ads for about 3 weeks now, is it some kind of problem on my region or something similar? I use Brave frequently and ads are turned on.
Thanks in advance!


Did you received ads notification before? Or it’s never shown?

Yes, i received ads frequently before. The only time i got ads was 2 days ago, when the counter reseted, but i wasn’t getting notifications before that, and still not getting.

The fact that you received ads before mean you’ve a correct settings. See FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads? for possible explanation.

Just check your settings;to see if your auto ads are still on.

@eljuno According to the history I haven’t received anything for as far back as the the history allows. This is all the way back to February. I have ads enabled so I’m not sure what gives.


Can you turn off Brave Rewards for a seconds then re-enable it. Also make sure you’ve your region and language set to your location.

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