Human-Readable Transactions for Secure and User-Friendly Blockchain Experience

Description of the issue:
Transactions are currently not presented in a human-readable format.

Is the issue occurring on a specific network?
No, this affects all networks, although it may be easier to implement on EVM-compatible blockchains.

Additional Information:
Wallets that allow users to control their own funds, like Rabby Wallet, and EVM extensions such as Pocket Universe, can simplify transaction bytecode into a human-readable format. This has multiple benefits, including improving the user experience, helping users stay safe from malicious transactions, and ensuring that they have a clear understanding of what they are signing.

For example, when swapping Ethereum (ETH) for Basic Attention Token (BAT) on Uniswap, users should be presented with a screen that displays the amount of ETH that will be deducted from their wallet and the amount of BAT they will receive in return. Transaction fee cost is not the only important information a user should be seeing during approving a transaction.

This improvement would make the wallet more user-friendly and bring it up to the level of more advanced wallets.