How to use Brave Talk on iPhone and Macbook Pro at the same time?

I tried to introduce my friend to Brave for the first time using Brave Talk. I set up a meeting and invited my friend by sending him a text of a link. He set up a connection with me, but he cannot see my video but I can, on my laptop. I tried to figure out how to fix my video only to find out Brave is using the video on my phone. I fixed it and now the video is on my laptop, not on my phone.

But, I want to know how to reverse that. How can I set up seeing my friend on my laptop while my friend can see me on my phone via Brave Talk.

Brave version on my laptop and phone are up to date along with our macos and ios system.

@saltybanana could you please assist ? Thanks!

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There shouldn’t be any issue here. Start a call on on your laptop, send the link, join link from phone — those should be your only steps to achieve what you’re looking for. There is nothing that would prevent this behavior.

Can you try setting this up again and ensure that the proper permissions are given on both machines?

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