How to see my bookmarks fullname


I have a issue with my bookmarks on Brave, i cannot see the full name of them … Do someone know if Is it possible to increase the maximum character number for bookmarks please ?

Are you referring to the bookmarks located on the toolbar (on the browser, under the address bar) or the bookmarks that are in the bookmarks manager? The bookmarks manager page is pretty wide and you should be able to see the full name of most sites bookmarked. For example, on my end I only see a few that reach the limit:

The one above has 134 characters (20 words), which is quite a long title. Do you have particularly lengthy titles given to your bookmarks?

Hello Mattches,

Thanks for your answer, no, i referring to the bookmarks folder name on the bookmarks toolbar !

Can you help me on this please ? Mt bookmarks folder name is not very long but to much for Brave.

Soory for my language, i am not native english.

Unfortunately I do not think there is a way to do this. The limit seems to be about 20 characters or so for the name of any bookmark toolbar item. Note that if a bookmark is nested inside a folder, the character limit is increased by quite a bit.

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