Bookmarks have a lot of space in vane almost like chrome and the rest

The bookmark manager have a lot of space that cannot unfortunately be widen along with the ‘use wide address bar’ option, that would be really great to widen the bookmark’s contents too ! Thank you in ADVANCE !!!
a small example:

You mean like this?

On Windows, you do this by hitting Ctrl + + to zoom the page. From my little testing now, it seems to save that from then on. I know I exited Brave and all, then reopened and Bookmarks kept the zoomed in area as you see in the screenshot. No other page was zoomed in.

Nope, absolutely NOT,
I’m NOT talking about the zoom, but the length in characters fitted in the same space, no need for more zoom, the text is already nastier than good old chrome’s version 57 which had small fonts and had hundreds of characters fitten in one row compared to modern day stupidity

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