How to remove small brave icon on mobile home screen icons?

When I add a shortcut to a web site using the menu item “Add to home screen” in the mobile app, some icons get a small Brave icon on them and some don’t.

What determines which ones get it and which don’t? I can’t see a pattern.

In the attached image you see 5 icons, which all link to a web site.

The icons are decided by the web site. Brave is showing icons indicated in the head section of the HTML where possible. The first site doesn’t have one, so it’s displayed with the first letter of the site’s name. The next four are all represented with the proper icon, but three of them also have a Brave icon on them, and the last one doesn’t.

I have made the first, second and last sites, and have full control over the HTML, so I know what’s going on, and I can’t see any difference between the code in the second and the fifth one - still Brave shows them differently.

How can I control whether the Brave icon is there or not?

Brave is version 1.20.103 for Android running on Android 10.


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