How to remove created website shortcuts?

Initially I used to download the website as apps on my PC but for some websites Brave Browser was not showing me the install button in the more tools option. So I uninstalled all my apps and created a shortcut (More tools > Create Shortcut) for the websites.

Now I want to remove the some shortcuts I’ve created as I no longer need them. So, how can I remove the website shortcuts that I have created? I am using the Latest LTS version of Ubuntu and also fairly new to Linux.

They should be in the brave://apps/ page. You can right-click and “Remove from Brave” there.

Already Checked it in there, it will only show websites installed as apps not the shortcuts I made for websites.

That’s odd. I just created a shortcut for this site and it appeared in the apps page.

You tagged this as Linux, so check your .local/share/applications folder and grep the name of the shortcut. When I open a terminal and run grep -i community * in that folder I get several matches for the file brave-ejffjcaeolpggbnecigicimgkgmgobag-Profile_2.desktop, which is the shortcut I just created.

When I search for the Id ejffjcaeolpggbnecigicimgkgmgobag in my file manager I get several results where other copies of the .desktop file are stored: Desktop and .gnome/apps, and also matches for icon files and the Web App directory in the Profile folder. Deleting all of these should remove the shortcut.

If you don’t find what you want in .local/share/applications, search in Desktop and .gnome/apps. If you use KDE or some other desktop, it might be located somewhere else.

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Thanks a ton, finally found it and removed the shortcut successfully.

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