How to Add My Website to Brave Search Engine

Hello Brave Community,

I’m reaching out to seek your valuable insights and experiences regarding the process of adding my website, “Driving to Independence,” to the Brave Search Engine. As a privacy-conscious website owner, I believe joining the Brave ecosystem aligns perfectly with our community’s principles.

Looking forward for your help!


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Please follow steps at the above

Brave uses the Web Discovery Project to find and add sites to its search. There’s no big SEO like you can on Google or others. If you’d like to learn more about Web Discovery Project, check out article below:

And how to help make sure to contribute, check out the answer that was given months ago in a different topic, which SmartyAadi linked to above. How to Add Website Brave Search Engine


The final thing you can always try to do is go to Brave Search itself and search for your website name. If you don’t find yours, you can click on the Feedback button in Brave Search. Then in comments or suggestions, you can share how you’re not seeing your site.

This is only if yours isn’t showing. They WILL NOT change the rankings of the Search. So if you want yours on the first page and they are showing yours on Page 5 or something, then you’ll just have to give it time. Things get sorted based on people visiting your page and searching for it.

As people often have issues finding the feedback button, I’ve provided a screenshot below with the button circled and with arrows pointing to it.

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Esse site e de tecnologia