How to Export/Copy Passwords from Android to Mac Without Sync

How can passwords be exported from Brave Browser on Android to Brave Browser on Mac, without sync? All my passwords are gone from Brave Browser on Mac, I do not know why, I have posted separately about this. I cannot form a sync chain with Brave in Android and Brave on Mac, part of the problem posted on another thread.

I found a password export function in Brave on Android.

It says it will export a text file. However, it offers to export only to locations that I cannot see how to use securely for this purpose

If you could explain how I can copy the passwords from Brave Android to Brave Mac, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

go to this link

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Thank you for responding.

That link does not work on Android. On mac, it brought up my empty password list.

To solve the problem, I exported the passwords to Drive, then downloaded the file from drive to my computer. Then deleted and purged it from Drive. Then imported it into brave using settings->autofill->passwords->dots in upper right->import->selected the downloaded file.

I had resisted that path, because I hate google and did not want my passwords going onto Drive.

I don’t understand why Brave on Android does not just put the exported file into the downloads folder or some other place on the phone where it can be accessed. Just wondering. Anything to force the file onto the cloud where somebody not me has control is what this seems like.

I always make a password and bookmark copy in my laptop…for moments like these…BTW happy to hear that you got it done :grinning:

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