How to contact with admins of this Browser?

How to contact with admins of this Brave Browser?

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@Ravshan that’s the purpose of this website. If you have an issue or need help, then you need to explain here and someone from Brave or the community will be able to assist.


I already Posted asked for a help. But no answers. Waited for more than 20 days, still no answers. In short about my previous problem (My all data/files are just disappeared which were stored in “On my iPhone”, I believe they were hidden as the Browser says it stores some data when I was uninstalling it”. So I wanted to ask them, what exactly went wrong by me, and how to return those all of my files back in one piece?

And thank you for your reply, you just increased my mood, honestly speaking I wasn’t expecting to receive any response for this issue :handshake:. I hope I still have a chance to restore my all missing/disappeared data/files (All were very important files for me).