How to configure Brave Tabs UI

*my desktop tabs design changed from stuck to the toolbar to separate "there is a small gab between the tabs and the search bar. To be clear and more detailed the tab UI turned into square instead of the usual look of tabs and that is very annoying because I tried to mess with the setting, I reinstalled the browser and its still looking the same , I don’t know if its a bug or a built in feature.

The usual and old UI design of tabs

*Brave (v1.62.162 ).

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This is part of the UI redesign. You can revert back to the way tabs were previously by going to brave://flags, searching for Updated horizontal tabs design and setting the value to Disabled.

Relaunch the browser when prompted.


It should be just a switch, Set UI: Classic [O==] New.

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*Yeah thx a lot , but its still not exactly like the old one , it only fixed the space in between but still there is a highlight under it in white . I also wanna remove the black square under the +.

*The highlight in red
*the + square in blue
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I see. Apologies but there is no way to do this — this is part of the new browser design.

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Ah its okay, as long as it is possible to download an old version of the browser.
Thank you for your help .

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