How to change the size of searchbar

My search bar keeps getting bigger. I can’t find the setting for it. I think it’s in the setting because whenever I reset the setting, the search bar goes back to the original size but after some time it gets bigger. Can anyone help me with this?

Bigger Search bar

After resetting the settings


May interest - the Description:

This is not the issue I am facing. My google search bar keeps getting bigger not the setting search bar


Yeah, but: Does the esc key inhibit?

Also, your screenshots do not appear to be, of a Brave browser window.

I aligned (from the right) both of your screenshots, and found that after your resetting, the Google search [field] bar is actually a bit longer (left-right dimension), though barely not as tall (up-down dimension) as the “bigger” rendition.

Sorry, I did not get what you are trying to say. No problem if this cant be fixed it was just a little bit irritating that’s why i asked


No problemo.

I’m not seeing this window on my end on either macOS or Windows systems. I’m thinking this may be a site specific issue rather than a browser issue but still unclear. How long does it take for the change in appearance?

I’m also curious if you try this using a Private browsing window do you get the same results?

Turned out whenever i sign in the appearance changes. It is the same with Google Chrome. And it happens with only one id i don’t know why this happens but it’s not the browser problem.

Thank you for updating. It’s likely that this issue will be fixed in the next update to Chromium .

Hey can you tell me how long it will take to unlink my wallets with uphold i have submitted a request one month ago and still my wallets are linked to my uphold account


Look here:

And, a leader at Brave, is “brian” – so see what he says among the replies.

i have already created a topic but no one has answered yet

He is referring to his Rewards wallet, not Brave wallet.
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